Doha Organic Fertilizer Corporation

We are a newly established sole proprietorship wholesaler & export company supplying high-quality agriculture products like organic vermicompost, cocopeat, leaf compost, Neem cake, and Neem oil. We cater to vegetable and fruit farms, small town gardens, local nurseries, Government entities, Municipal corporations, farmers, stately homes, schools, universities, clubhouses, group housing societies, farmhouse, Golf Courses, horticulture departments and local authorities throughout north India, Australia, USA and middle east countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, KSA.

We offer a unique range of products manufactured from the best quality ingredients and designed to produce optimum results in every corner of the area when applied.

We cater for small orders from 10kg bag to full load 40feet containers carrying 40 tons. Our goal is to provide you with the most qualified organic product. We always insist on quality and customer satisfaction. Our products are sourced from trustworthy manufacturers. We will make every effort to improve our services to an extent so that our products better meet the needs of customers which would eventually enhance our competitiveness in the world agriculture product fertilizer market. We honor our commitment to provide the best product to our clients. Your satisfaction is what we pursue!!

Products sold by us undergo various types of testing and screening processes from our local testing agencies and laboratories if required.

We work closely in partnership with our trustworthy local suppliers enabling us to offer a comprehensive product range.  We proactively manage our product portfolio in several effective ways and we continuously work with manufacturers to develop existing as well as
new products to meet new and emerging customer requirements.

We invite you to come and experience the quality product that we offer.